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Chiropractors work on the relationship between the nerves and the spinal column which protects the spinal cord. All organs and cells require information from the nerves to function correctly, and much nerve information is passed through to the spinal cord. The spinal column is composed of 24 immoveable vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx and is designed for flexibility, protection and strength. As long as the vertebrae remain in a normal alignment these functions are fulfilled. However, vertebral misalignments can and do occur. These misalignments can cause interference and impediment to the normal nerve supply and function and be the cause of pain and discomfort.

Aims of Treatment

McTimoney chiropractic is a method of adjusting the bones in order to restore proper nerve function. If the nerve becomes pinched, stretched or compressed the information passing along the nerve fibre will be distorted giving false information to the muscle or organ it serves. The aim of the treatment is to remove the interference to the nerve supply by subtly realigning the bones of the spine, pelvis, thorax, skull and limbs. Patients report a wide range of improvements, ranging from: relief from migraines, neck and shoulder problems. tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, all affected by the nerve supply from the top of the spine; to relief from low back pain, presentation of sciatica and menstrual problems, all relieved by adjustments to the lower spine. These improvements occur because the body is no longer responding to incorrect nerve impulses.

What to Expect from your Treatment

Your chiropractor will take a full case history from you regarding your general health background as well as details of your symptoms, which will help in assessing and analysing the problem. An explanation should be made to you of the aims and effects of the treatment, which will usually begin on the first visit. Your chiropractor will thoroughly examine all the joints in your body with a finely tuned sense of touch, and make the appropriate adjustments where necessary. Where appropiate your chiropractor will work in co-operation with your GP and will always refer for further medical investigations as considered to be required.

How many sessions will you need?

There are many factors which affect how many sessions you may need:

  • How old you are. As we get older our bodies do not heal as quickly.
  • How long you have had the problem. If you have just started to suffer from the problem it will usually heal quicker than if you have had it for 20 years.
  • What the problem is. If a nerve has been damaged this will take longer than a straight forward backache.
  • How fit you are. Generally the fitter you are your body tends to heal quicker.
  • If you are stressed then this can slow down the healing process and impede your recovery.
  • If you have a good diet then your body already has the optimum nutrition to assist the healing process.
  • If you are involved in sporting activities it is beneficial to abstain until the healing process is complete.

Most patients find that between 2 & 10 treatments will help their problem. After your first treatment there is usually a week until the next one, and then a longer span of 2 weeks and gradually the time span is extended.

After you feel better we recommend that you have regular check ups to keep your skeletal system in a good alignment. These can vary between 1 to 6 monthly intervals depending on your job and lifestyle.

Helping yourself after Treatment

  • Your body can take at least 48 hours to settle after your treatment.
  • Be kind to yourself and do not rush at doing a lot of jobs, even if you feel better.
  • Do not lift or do repetitive actions such as hoovering, etc.
  • If you have babies or young children, be careful when picking them up and where possible, use both hands and bend from the knees.
  • Be aware of your own body, how you are standing, sitting, carrying, etc.
  • Our bodies need water to allow the kidneys to function correctly, so drink plenty of water to help clear the toxins that are released after treatment.
  • Be aware of your diet and eat healthily. Do not drink alcohol as it relaxes the muscles and can allow the bones to move out of place again.
  • Have cool baths and showers. Heat, again, relaxes the muscles and then don't hold the joints in their correct alignment.
  • Use an ice pack on any area that aches for up to 15 minutes. Do not place the ice pack directly on the skin, wrap it in a tea towel first.
  • Do not carry handbags or heavy work bags on the shoulder as this can strain muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle.
  • Avoid stretching for things. Alter your position so that you can reach them easily.

Promoting Good Health

Chiropractic is also a preventative treatment and when used in this way greatly improves bodily health and well being, avioding long spells of discomfort. Regular check-ups by your chiropractor are recommended to ensure that the body maintains a healthy balance in all aspects of its daily function's. McTimoney Chiropractic is a very gentle form of manipulation and is suitable for all ages, from new born babies to 100 year olds. Because of this we believe that chiropractic care should begin as early as possible, to detect and correct misalignments of the spine to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system throughout life.

How you might feel after Treatment

No two people experience the same feelings after treatment. Your body will feel different and that is a sign of body changing and getting better.

  • You can ache in different places to where you had the original problem, this occurs as a result of your body beginning to function properly again.
  • You could feel really good; you may feel lighter and taller.
  • You may feel stiff or sore as the muscles start to work again.
  • You may feel very relaxed and tired as your body begins to unwind.
  • You may experience a headache as the toxins are released from the tissues. Drink at least 3 to 4 glasses of water to help prevent this.
  • You may feel quite emotional for a short time, this is often the case as you become tense and stressed when in pain. As the muscles relax this is released.
  • Your menstrual cycle may change; it may become heavier or lighter, shorter or longer. Then will settle.

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